NYC Midtown


On a trip to New York, I spent a day touring the points of view of Manhattan. The day was scheduled to be in the right places at the right time. At the end of the day, I found myself on the roof top of the Rockefeller building, better known as the "Top Of The Rock". The view on the city is incredible and I stayed there for two hours. Equipped with my camera, I waited for the sunset to capture this moment.

View from Top Of The Rock

When I got home and after working on this picture, I thought "Why not reproduce this view?". I had started by building the Rockefeller plaza and then I didn't have time to continue building this room. During the confinement of March, I took over this construction and after 3 months of work, I finally arrived at the end of the construction of Midtown (from central park to the empire state building).

When the city was modeled and I was happy with the result, I started creating lost apartments in the city. You can find them in the photo gallery with their real locations on google maps.

This room will be open soon for some events in collaboration with Virtual Sugar. You will find all the information about these evenings in the "Events" tab.