NYC Statue of Liberty


The desire to make you travel has always been one of my greatest motivations. That's why I wanted to build this room. After building NYC Midtown, I looked at Liberty Island and wondered if the statue could be made. So I started with the head, maybe the most complicated...

It took me a little while to make the statue. But as I was happy with the result, I spent some time on Google Street view and I said to myself "Ok, now I'll give this statue its real place!

First day of work (30.05.2020)

The island is composed of the statue of course but also of its museum. A refreshment area and the gift store. You can find at the back of the entrance, the private area with a small apartment. I also realized a little fantasy and created in the pedestal, "the baths of miss Liberty".

This is the result of these tests and I'm glad I can count on Liberty Island to complete the rooms you can find in the game. Enjoy your visit!